Sunday, April 1, 2012

life is a lovely thing...

being alive is such a wonderful thing.  there are days when i just wish i could disappear.  days when i wish i didn't have to see anyone i knew.  days i wish i could go somewhere, anywhere else.  but sometimes there are days when being alive and staying in the place i am is so wonderful.  but i always long to see something different, lovely, and remarkable.  i long to see children blowing bubbles and laughing when they burst in their faces.  i long to see pink-streaked sunrises and walk in the morning breeze.  my longings were fulfilled in the last week.  i was an anonymous girl in the midst of bathing suit clad people on the beach.

i'm in love with bubbles...especially when they look like this!
i painted my toes all pretty.
i've never seen Jett so happy as when he was at the beach and in the water.  he is definitely a water baby!
we even had a sand castle contest and instead of making a castle, we made a turtle.
sunglasses pictures are literally the best!
i'm in love with the beach.  every part of it.  i love the feel of the sand between my toes and the frigid water rushing over my feet.  i adore the smiles on kids faces while they attempt to jump the waves and race each other to the shore.  Early morning walks, shark teeth hunting, and reading filled my week.

i am an expert shark-tooth-impersonator finder.  meaning, i find every single rock, shell, etc. that looks like a shark's tooth...but i finally found a couple.  let's just say i was pretty excited.
i don't think Jett was too thrilled with the fact that we were still taking pictures of him stating his age!
 let's just say that every longing i had was fulfilled and that God truly blessed my weekend.  i loved it and i can't wait until next year.

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