Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter in a Tent

This Easter was different than the rest, probably because of the big tent in my church's parking lot.  That's not exactly normal.  But who said Arrowhead was normal?
We planned for one thousand people and we ended up topping that number.  It was so exciting and unique to see everybody worshiping in a tent and to see all the volunteers work together so well.
I handed out bulletins, worked the Ipad, and took pictures.
(by the way, I want this girl's hair.  and style...)

The band was great, as usual.
God really moved through the tent, you could tell just by looking around and 30 or more people came to Christ for the first time.  That in itself was amazing and exciting.
My favorite kids in the whole, wide world!
I loved my outfit so much!  It is so vintage looking and totally me!
Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Thrift Store
Cardigan: Unknown

Yeah, Easter was pretty exciting.

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