Thursday, September 29, 2011

wesley woods

A few weeks ago (sorry, school has been crazy these last couple of weeks) my 9th grade class of twelve went to Camp Wesley Woods with two of our teachers and the best chapel leader ever, Sir Brett.  :)
In the car my bestie, Hadley and I had to double buckle {shhhh} and when Isaiah opened the door I almost fell out!  haha!
Goofing off in the car.

Checking it out.
Kaylee and Isaiah are the ones looking at the map and Andrew and Josh are the two looking at the camera!

Kaylee from California!

What the guys do to pass time---spar with really big sticks.

A team challenge we did there.  We had to get everyone in order of their birthdays without talking.  It was SO funny.
From right to left Courtlyn, Kaylee, Hannah, Hadley, Anna, Hope, Josh, Andrew, Me, Karlie, Isaiah.

Catch me!

Standing on Isaiah to get Andrew over "the wall."

Practicing our skills on this baby.  This one was so much fun!  We had to get so many people on each side to balance it out and it could only touch the ground three times.  Really interesting!

Trying to somehow get Isaiah under and over the Giants Table.  It didn't work....he fell...just saying.  haha!


Walking back after hours of team building!


Campfires and S'mores!

Before the GIANT'S LADDER!

My partner, Hadley.

This picture doesn't even begin to show you how HIGH the Giant's Ladder was.  Isaiah ended up doing it all by himself and I couldn't let a guy make it to the top and not me so...

Hadley and I made it to the second last, and with um---a little help----uh---from Hadley, I made it all the way.  The only thing I've ever done more challenging than this was the Via Della Rosa.  It was so much fun and I felt like a superhero after being climbed on, using muscles I never knew I had, hanging upside down, and all other manners of things to get ourselves up.  I love a good physical challenge.  How about you?

I'm on top of the world
Top of the world
Feeling fine
I can't promise I'll be posting anytime soon since my weekends are booked for the rest of the month but I'll try!  Cheerio!
Oh, and I got a hair feather!  Finally!  I wanted one before everyone else even knew what they were and I got them after everyone...but that's okay.  Love it!


Brooke said...

This reminds me of when me and my 8th grade class went to a camp just like this. Although it wasn't christian based but it was all about team building and we did tons of climbing and stuff that you just mentioned. Its crazy how they are both just about the same although we went to some place called Camp Kieve.

Lhen said...

hi Tessa,

good day, i just found your blog while I'm surfing. i like your fun photos, you also have a beautiful blog. I'm glad to know that you're also a Christian.
I'm your newest follower and you can also visit my blog at

God bless!

Lhen :)