Sunday, August 28, 2011

i'm a freshmen :)

yes, you heard me right.

And this is what this freshmen wore on the first day of school.

minus the guitar of course.  i love playing the guitar.  love it.  i just learned how to play the song, Hallelujah and i love it!  i'll have to post a video of me singing it for you all sometime.  :)
oh, and don't you just adore polaroids?

i spent a lot of time with my new best friend Hadley this summer!  i've only known her for around six months but i feel like i have known her for years!  love her!
this picture was taken with my sister's new Ipad {yay} when Hadley was over some time this summer.  we were trying to do our cheap imitation of freerunning and look like gangstahs at the same time.  we are so cool.

 i also got to go back to Doe River Gorge for a day with a bunch of my friends!  we did a bunch of ziplining and yes, i even got should have seen my face...that's all i'm saying.  
when i got out i started taking pictures with my new ipod {i'm in love} and this is what came out.  isn't it interesting?  i love it!

 and then my friend, Morgan joined in on the action and we took some really cool sunglasses photography.  and yes, i was in a way copying D.J.  sorry...i couldn't resist, his phone photography is so amazing!

that's it folks!  i'm going into the third week of school tomorrow.  I adore my class---all eleven of them {i go to a tiny school but it's a jump from eight} and i think i'm really going to like all my new subjects and my teachers.  
one more thing.  i probably won't post for a week or two.  my class is going on a retreat to Wesley Woods on Thursday and Friday and then i leave to go camping.  Oh, how i love camping.  i promise to bring back lovely pictures to show you all when i get back!

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Clair~ said...

Oh wow! So cute! That skirt is amazing. I love the guitar as well.
Congrats :)