Saturday, February 26, 2011

Come and Go

Monday, was a very special day for all of my family.  It was the day that my brother was coming home from Afghanistan.  It was the first time we had seen him since July.  We all lined up outside the plane exit and there he comes.  All dressed in his uniform looking handsome (as usual) and we all start clapping.  Some other people join in and my mom runs to hug him.

The mother's first hug.

Ryan finally getting to meet little Jett in person.

And then on Wednesday Ryan came in and answered questions at my school and we prayed for him.

My class got a great picture with him.
Right to Left:
Andrew, Andrew, Karlie, Josh, Me, Isaiah, Hope, Mr. Lawson, Courtlyn.
And Ryan.

Sadly, the fun only lasted until Friday, which was the day he flew out to Texas to visit one of his Army friends who had gotten sent back to the US because of major injuries.

My last hug.
He will be going back to Afghanistan in about a week.  Would you please pray for his safe return and for God's protection on him and his comrades?

A little bit before Ryan came home Jett turned five months old! The big 05!
And I got the privilage of taking his darling little picture!

I adore this picture!  I am so glad that this idea popped in my head.  I am loving this chalkboard look here.
But isn't he the coolest little guy?

Well, this was a great idea until my sister informed me that the J was backwards.  Oh well, better luck next time.  In the mean time, my excuse is that it's supposed to be that way.  hehe.

He's such a cool little guy with his awesome hat and his skull shirt (compliments of his dad's shirt and Kelly's sewing.)  This has to be one of my favorites.  It just pulls the whole I AM COOL look together.


samarah said...

precious pictures! I will be praying! :)

much love,

Denise said...

Great shots as usual! I love the chalkboard one as well!

Lolei said...

the last picture here is gorgeouss!!

Kelly said...

Great shots.

LonnekeS said...

wow, this cute little men has beautiful, big, blue eyes! Haha, he is blessed with them!