Sunday, March 28, 2010

HOME SWEET HOME! Disney Trip Part 1

Home Sweet Home is right!
I had an awesome time in Florida and Disney but it's always nice to get's not go there. ;)
When we left on Saturday we drove from eight to around four maybe?
Well anyway when we stopped we ended up staying at Jeckyll Island, Georgia.
We had a hotel right on the beach and when we went down later to the beach can you guess what we found?
Shells? No
Crabs? No (well a few)
Nope your wrong! 
Millions of sand dollars! I mean we all probably got two hundred! We got a LOT!
it was SO cool!
Here's some of them BUT NOT ALL because we went out and got more the next morning!

The next morning we got pictures of the beautiful sunrise!

Then we left and drove through horrendous rain!  We couldn't even so Kelly's car in front of us!
When we finally got to the Disney hotel we checked in and went to find our room.
If any of you go to a Disney hotel remember to read the signs telling you where the room numbers are and don't just walk around the building like we did!

And we found our room and CASEY and CHLOE!
We hung out for a while and then went back to the cars and went to eat at Olive Garden!
The next morning at eight we were on our way to Disney.
By the way we were at Magic Kingdom.
Showing Kenzie something.

Driving the cars.

Drive, Casey drive!

Jack Sparrow!

Chloe getting to join Jacks crew!

It's a Small World...a classic...but that doesn't mean I like it.
All those dolls singing "It's a small world!" is kind of annoying.

The castle!

My goofy family!

More goofiness!


I wonder if this girl was cold..I was freezing!

Adorable fairy houses!



Taking pictures of people's fashion mistakes (Tell you about that later!)

Well there's the first part folks!


Alexandra said...

GORGEOUS pictures of the sunrise :)

Taylor said...

How neat!! I'm sure you had a blast! :)