Friday, May 20, 2011


SUMMER is officially here!  I am so happy.  School was, well, starting to get old.  hehe.  

Yesterday was field day and since the girls lost the change wars at my school the guys got to pie them---or in other words slam them with shaving cream.  Let's just say that my friend saying that  he was going to pie me was a total understatement.
I got slammed.  Literally.  With shaving cream.  The fight was on...too bad I'm a little shorter than my friends who slammed me....hehe.

See what I mean?  I got it the worst out of every girl there....sigh....

Then we went to Panther Creek Park.  Supposingly, Swanny was kicking a ball but there's some speculation on whether he was really just practicing his ballet skills or something to that effect.

My friend Carissa at the bat.  Please pray for her.  She broke her wrist yesterday.  Not a good way to start your summer.

Abby was pretty excited for summer too!

What's the start of summer without a football flying?  I mean, seriously?   It's incomplete without a football!

Ignore that amazing hairdo...That's all I could do after it got filled with shaving cream...eww.

Just a random/really cool picture I took this morning.

And a sneak peek to what I will be wearing to this fancy river boat cruise for the eighth graders who are now ninth graders!  yippee!  I'll update you on it tomorrow!

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