Sunday, May 22, 2011

a bit giddy

Do you know that giddy feeling you get when you realize that summer is finally here?  If so, you know how I feel.  Just a bit giddy.

I didn't go anywhere at all today.  Just stayed inside making bracelets and taking pictures.  I'm building up my summer bracelet collection.  So far, I have five or six...I need a whole lot more!  haha.

This lovely bracelet that my mom bought me at Bliss in Knoxville on Friday.  I'm still trying to duplicate it.  My first attempt was, well, a first attempt...haha.

I love my sunglasses!  That's Forever21 for you!  Lovely!

The start of my summer bracelet collection...I made all of them except the Red Team one.  My friend made that one so that I can sport it in front of all my friends on the blue team when we burn them this team will win Blitz Week...

Well, any-who, I'm hoping to have a ton of bracelets soon.  

And I drew on my whole hand.  My mom was thrilled---not.  Let's just say at least I was smart enough to use a gel pen---they wash off easy.  I do like drawing on my hands though.  It's so much more fun than paper!

This image was some of my inspiration for my hand except for the fact that I think she is using a Sharpe...infinitely harder to wash out....haha.


Kendall said...

You're so lucky that you're already out of school. I still have another week, but I can't wait! :) Your bracelets are pretty.

Casey said...

Drawing on hands. . . right up my alley! Haha. I made a bunch of those bracelets a couple weeks ago, and I'm working on another right now. . . I love the blue and brown one you had on.
Guess what? I'm working on a blog post (are you surprised?).
Miss you. . .