Saturday, January 8, 2011

Unheard of...

This much snow is virtually unheard of where I live in Tennessee.  We've already used up all of our snow days which has never happened this early before!  Luckily we did get some really good sledding snow but right now we have this wet snow that's perfect for snowball fight!  Mwahaha.  Let's just say that one of my friends got a huge snowball dumped on her head.  On Thursday we played the stop the car, get out, take a picture, get back in, do it again game! 
On Thursday we had the prettiest snow I have ever seen.  This is my personal favorite out of all of my pictures.  It looks like a welcoming winter pathway to who-knows where!

I love this one with the snow and and the beautiful steeple.

 My school blanketed in snow.

I l-o-v-e love this picture!  The sky is so clear and blue and the snow looks so beautiful with the barn.

 Gorgeous {except for that annoying car!}  haha!

Oh, and all of these pictures are SFTC {straight from the camera} and absolutely no editing!  Aren't they great?

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