Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trampoline and Girls Night In!

It all started with a trip to our trampoline.
Kenzie, Ross, Nate,  a ball, I, and a camera amounts to something very interesting!


Everybody was kung fu fighting!

Those cats were fast as lightining!


"Everybody was Kung Fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lighting
In fact it was a little bit frighting
For they fought with expert timing!"

Dance, friends, a camera, and of course I bring us to this interesting picture!

Then to Girls Night In!
We had a ton of fun at my church!

Catching Mackenzie!

Makeup time!

Converse and socks!


Here come the girls!

Jump, jump jump!


Going, going...


Holly and Vanessa!


More jumping!


My BFF Hope!
Love you Hopery!

Jumping AGAIN!

Jig time!

My awesome finger nails!

Last time I looked at the clock!
I stayed up all night! (we got there at 7:00 PM and left at 7:00AM!)

Well, that was my weekend!


Taylor said...

I LOOOVED all these pictures, Tessa!! =) It looks like you've been have a lot of fun lately. ;D

Thanks for sharing this with us!

~Taylor <3

Taylor said...

Oh yeah... I meant to tell you that I really like your new header and the pretty blue blog background too!! :) I think it's my favorite one so far!