Saturday, April 3, 2010

From Me To You Tag!

1.  Song you're listening to right now? 21 guns (#35 on my playlist)
2.  Favorite Christian singer?  Um...I can't decide so I'll just put one...Steven Curtis Chapman
3.  Favorite song by the singer above?  Either Cinderella or Heaven is the Face (you have to listen to these songs!)
4.  Have you ever seen the them in concert? No
5.  Favorite fiction book?  Eragon
6.  Favorite character in the book above?  Saphira, Brom, or Arya.
7.  Least favorite character?  Galbatorix or The Shade (I can't remember his name)
8.  Do you have an email buddy? Yes!
9.  Who?  Taylor from My Little Home in the Ozarks 
10. If you were a color, what would you be?  Hmmm...turquoise because I'm unique just like the color!

How bout you?
Please leave a comment if you do this tag!

1 comment:

Taylor said...

I'm flattered that you would mention me on your blog!!! I will do this tag! =D