Sunday, August 24, 2008


For science we have to collect 50 bugs.
That's a lot of bugs!

I recently read Girl of Limberlost.
It is a great book about a girl, Elnora,
who catches moths for a living.
Now mom is always calling me Elnora.

I really don't like pinning bugs but it has to be done.
I just hope I can get 50 bugs.
Well, we'll see.


Kelly said...

I love bugs- creepy, crawly bugs!

Renee said...

Anna-Marie and I are really enjoying your blog. Congratulations for starting this endeavor, and please keep all your great drawings coming accompanying it. Anna especially loved your horse foal picture, riding, horse drawings, little Indians, and even the bugs. Keep up the great work!

Love from Anna-Marie and Mrs. B.