Thursday, January 17, 2013

snow: a photo essay

Winter is beautiful in a harsh sort of way.  It strips bare the colorful facade and reveals the bones underneath.  It slowly reveals the secret flaws.  It sends wind to rip across our cheeks, turning them red from the cold.  It brings tears to our eyes and we wipe them away over and over again.  Our toes grow cold but our heart is thawing, melting, revealing our hidden self.  The true heart is uncovered, just as an ancient city is by men.  Winter forces us to look at ourselves differently, in the view of harsh reality, untainted by our facades and masks.  The walls we built turn to ashes around us and we are vulnerable, exposed.  We spend the winter like this, with our heart open but when spring comes again we rebuild the walls until they turn to ashes again.
written by Tessa Brooke on November 5, 2012

How was your first snow day?
love, tessa brooke

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