Saturday, December 8, 2012

oh, my suitcase heart

Oh, my suitcase heart
I could pack it up
And move far away
Far away where no one knows my name.
Oh, my suitcase heart
It's searching for a purpose
Searching for a meaning
Searching for an adventure.
Dusty dirt roads and foreign words
Call my heart to come explore.
Faces of people I don't know
Beckon with a smile.
Oh, my suitcase heart
Longs to be lost in city streets
And wander in forgotten trees.
Oh, my suitcase heart 
Overcomes my logic's mind.
I'm a slave to its wanderlust.
a poem by tessa brooke
december 2012


It's amazing how the allure of unknown places can lay hold on you, almost consuming you at times.  The idea of being anonymous in a place unknown to me is intriguing.  I want to wander and explore.  I want to take pictures of all the people I meet and freeze all the memories I make with a press of my finger.  I want to stand in awe as I look over mountains my feet have never explored.  I want to go on a journey.  I want to rediscover myself and understand why God put me here.  I want to give into my suitcase heart and it's wanderlust.

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