Monday, November 5, 2012

Remember Autumn

Autumn comes, ushering in an array of colors, all falling from the sky.  A warmth lingers in the air as a chill tries to drive it away but it is not yet its time.  The crunch of leaves and laughter fills the urban silence as two girls moves swiftly though the yard, pausing for the older to shoot with her camera.   The younger moves and poses as inclined, smiling and laughing with her friend.
 Their laughter erupts as they attempt to synchronize their jumps and leaves fall all around them.
 No one lingers long enough to smile at the two, who were oblivious to all but the timer on the camera and each other.
 Sunshine smiled down on them, caressing their cheeks. 
 They lifted their face to the sun and laughed away their worries they tended to dwell on too often.
 For a time they did not care how ridiculous they looked or even who might see them.  They didn't worry about whether people liked them, but focused fully on the camera in the older's hand and the kinship they felt.
 Yes, it was a good day they knew.  It was full of confidence, laughter, and music.  Their voices blended with each other, creating a melody the family gathered around to hear.
 This is what they will remember Autumn by.
 The sun smiled as they turned their backs and went back to their homes, knowing they would be back again.

This is one of my best friends, Hope.  She's a beautiful girl and God has great plans for her.  I count it a great joy to be her friend.  And let me say, she makes a great model!

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