Saturday, July 23, 2011

swim meet at UT

Ross, Nate, and Kenzie are all part of the local swim team and today they went to their last swim meet at the UT professional pool.  Yeah, you heard me right.  Totally cool!  Nate and Kenzie had meets today and I borrowed my sister's friend's telephoto lens.  Man, do I want one of those things!
Nate's awesome dive.  This picture made me very proud.  haha.

 Love this picture.   The framing is so original!

The pool...and the diving boards, and that massive thing they do flips off of in the Olympics...Farthest pool was 17 feet deep and the other two were 8 feet.  Let's just say that it was VERY impressive.

Kenzie swimming past the flags.

Nate's swim coach telling him...something.  I'm not quite sure what kind advice he could have been giving.

Travis wishing Kenzie good luck.

Kenzie's "oh no" pose.  That big blur just happens to be someone's foot.  It looks pretty cool actually.

 Kenzie's swim coach encouraging her before she went.

 Kenzie taking off.  She came in an un-official first once actually.  It was un-official because she didn't hit the wall where she was supposed to so that the timer went off on her lane.  But it was first none-the-less.

 And I shall leave you with this warning.

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