Monday, July 27, 2009


Felt, felt, and more felt!

Felting is REALLY fun! You use a special needle and some foam, which you can bye at Hobby Lobby. You get some felt, not to much,and start poking the needle and forming your shape and poke, poke, poke.

Poke till it looks kinda like this. Attach this to a wool fabric to make it look better or attach it to another felted piece.

Wool pieces and felted flower.

My table after two days of felting with my mom.

If you put a pin on the back you can attach your felted flower onto a headband.

Or a bracelet with the sleeve of an old sweater and your felted flower.

All the pins mom and I have made so far. Two and a half of them are mine and the rest are Align Leftmom's.
(from Left to Right)
Mom's leaf my flower, my first attempt, Mom's beautiful flower.
Mom's Sweater Flower and my most resent flower!

Me waring my headband! Kelly headband with a felted flower pinned on!


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