Tuesday, September 23, 2008

50 Bugs

I finely collected 50 bugs!(Amazing huh?) I am so relived that
I don't ever have to kill a butterfly again.
My favorite bug of all has to be the Luna Moth.
We caught it about three years ago at gymnastics.
We kept it for a while and then we brought it to Florida.
Sometime in between this it had laid eggs.
It soon died leaving eggs in Tennessee and in Florida.
We left its body in the hands of our friend,s Casey and Chloe.
The eggs all hatched in Florida but not here.
( What's with that!)
And when we told them that we needed bugs, well,
they sent back the Luna Moth.
I'm so glad that I have friends like them.


Kelly said...

You spelled laid wrong. ;)

edie+steve said...

Thank you Tessa for visiting. Maybe you'll win a scarf!!